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​Support the Sport Requirements

  • Your team must be registered for the tournament via SportWrench in order to submit a room or block request.

  • Each TEAM needs to book a minimum of 6 rooms for the duration of the event to be compliant unless otherwise notated. (Checking in on the day before the start of the event and out the last day).

  • All rooms MUST be booked directly through KC Sports Housing to count towards the mandatory Support the Sport – Stay and Play Policy. Rooms booked directly with the hotel or a third-party website will not count towards the requirement.

  • We HIGHLY recommend doing a block of rooms. If your team chooses not to do a block, the club/team is responsible for ensuring compliance.

    • You must collect all the reservations that were booked individually through KC Sports Housing and submit them using our individual compliance form - please email us for more information. Until this is received, your team will be marked as non-compliant.


Hotel Request Instructions

All request forms are set to inventory – if it will not let you select the needed number of rooms, then there is no availability and you will need to select another hotel. 

You can ONLY submit ONE REQUEST for one hotel unless you have teams wanting to stay at different hotels.

                In this case, you need to indicate in the comments which block of rooms is for which team.


If multiple requests are submitted, all requests without notes will be denied.               

On launch days, hotels do sell out within seconds.

If the request form times out or you get an error message, it is because other teams were able to enter and submit their request prior to yours being completed and the hotel has sold out. 


Please have the following information ready so you may submit your request as quickly as possible:

  • Name of Person Submitting Request

  • Club Name (EXACTLY as registered on SportWrench - DO NOT USE ABBREVIATIONS unless you are registered on SportWrench with abbreviations.

  • Number of Teams 

  • Team Names (if block is for ALL TEAMS attending the tournament, please write "ALL")

  • Contact Phone Number

  • Contact Email

Within 2-5 BUSINESS days of being approved for a block of rooms, you will receive:

  • Hotel Booking Link

  • Instructions

  • Personalized Booking Code

  • Cut-off Date


You are fully responsible for filling your entire room block by your assigned Cut-Off/Book-By Date.

In the event you need to drop/release 6 or more rooms, please send us an email to drop the rooms.

(If you are dropping less than 6 rooms at a GAMING facility, they will automatically release on your cut-off date with no penalty.) 

*If you are staying at a non-gaming (non-casino) property, you are fully responsible for your entire block.


You will be fully responsible for any rooms we are unable to resell. If we are able to resell the rooms, you will not be responsible for them. 


All rooms within the block must be booked prior to your Cut-Off Date.

Any rooms not secured by the Cut-Off date will be released back into general inventory.

Rooms needed after the cut-off date will be based on prevailing rates and availability. 

There is NO HOTEL HOPPING (if a previously sold-out hotel becomes available, you will not be able to switch hotels and will still be responsible for your initial reservation).

Please note, even though you are approved for a block of rooms - rates, room types, and availability are subject to change. We strongly encourage you and participants to individually book rooms ASAP to guarantee rates and availability.

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