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Are we required to book our hotel rooms through KC Sports Housing for SCVA Tournaments?

Yes, SCVA and KC Sports Housing have formed a partnership and implemented a “Support the Sport” policy, similar to a Stay and Play. All participants must book their rooms through KC Sports Housing to be formally accepted into the SCVA tournaments


What is the requirement to be compliant with the Support the Sport - Stay and Play Policy?

Each team must book a minimum of 6 rooms for the duration of the tournament unless otherwise noted. However, ALL PARTICIPANTS - including coaches, players, and chaperones, are required to book rooms through KC Sports Housing.


Does the team need to be registered for the tournament before securing housing?

Yes, the team must be registered on Advanced Event Systems (AES) prior to booking hotel accommodations. Your request will be denied until you are registered. In the event that your request is mistakenly approved without you being registered, you will still be responsible for the block of rooms.


Are there any exemptions to the Support the Sport - Stay and Play Policy?

Yes, clubs residing within 50 miles of the event center location are exempt from the Support the Sport Policy. Clubs MUST request an exemption form at least 30 days prior to the event date and submit it back to us in order for us to inform SCVA you are compliant.


Is there an option to buy-out or opt-out of the Stay and Play Policy?

Yes, we offer a $600 opt-out fee PER team, PER event to be exempt from the Stay and Play Policy. Payment must be made 45 days prior to the start of the tournament. 

*Credit card will be charged 2-4 weeks prior to tournament start date.

*Once your CC is charged for the Opt-Out Fee, you will only be refunded in full if your team is no longer attending the tournament. If you decide to book rooms through KC Sports Housing and you have already been charged, you are subject to a 20% processing fee.

Please CLICK HERE to submit the opt-out fee request.


When do I need to make sure my teams are compliant with the Support the Sport - Stay and Play Policy?

You are required to be compliant for all teams 30 days prior to the start of the tournament. Majority of hotels do shut down their group rates 30 days prior to the tournament. 


Do we need to do a block of rooms or can parents book individually with KC Sports Housing?

You do not need to do a block of rooms. However, we HIGHLY recommend doing a block to ensure compliancy with the Support the Sport - Stay and Play Policy. If parents book individually, the club is responsible for tracking reservations and ensuring their teams are compliant. Please email us for more information on Individual Hotel Bookings.


What is the booking procedure through KC Sports Housing?

Please refer to our instructions page.


If a sold out hotel becomes available again, am I permitted to move my reservation

No, we do not allow hotel hopping. If you have already booked a room or are holding a block of rooms at an existing hotel, your new request will be denied. There is no guarantee that a specific hotel will re-open. 


Can I use one name for multiple reservations?

Please refer to each hotel's individual policy. Please note that the individual listed on the reservation name with be the ONLY person able to check-in at the hotel.


Am I permitted to book directly through the hotel?

No, all rooms must be booked directly with KC Sports Housing. As part of our agreement with the hotels, they will not accept your reservation into our block of rooms and your club will not gain credit for your room booked under the Support the Sport policy.


What if I already booked a room with the hotel or other third party website?

We are unable to transfer your reservation into our block. You will need to cancel your existing reservation and request a room at an available hotel on our website.


How old must you be to check-in at the hotel?

All hotels in Las Vegas and the majority in Anaheim require an adult over 21 to check into the rooms. The name on the reservation must be over 21 and must be present at time of check-in.


Can minors stay in a room alone?

No, there must be someone over 21 years old staying in each room.


Can I use a credit card that will not be present at check-in at the hotel?

Yes, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form. Most hotels require you to submit one at least 30 days prior to check in. Credit card authorizations must be approved before check-in. A credit card must be physically present at check in for incidentals. Please email us at and request a CCA Form for your hotel.


Can I use one credit card for all rooms in my block?

Yes, please reach out to us for more information as each hotel varies on the procedure. We will need you to fill out a credit card authorization 30 days prior to the arrival date for all rooms.  


Am I required to pay a deposit for my reservations?

Yes, all hotels require a credit card to secure your room and you will be charged a one-night nonrefundable charge immediately unless otherwise noted. If for any reason the hotel is unable to obtain your deposit, you room will be cancelled within 14 days.


Can I book extra days before or after the tournament dates?

Yes, you will have the option to book shoulder dates. These rates and availability are determined by the hotels. We cannot guarantee any discounted rates outside our contracted dates for the tournament nights.


What is your cancellation policy?

KC Sports Housing can take cancellations up to 30 days prior to the event start date. Any cancellations after this point must be done through the hotel and are at the discretion of the hotel. 


How do I modify my reservation?

If your reservation is with an MGM property and was booked using Passkey, you can edit the reservation using your confirmation number from the hotel. Otherwise, please send us an email at and we will make the necessary changes. Please note we are only able to edit reservations up until 2 weeks prior to the event.


Am I required to pay a deposit for my reservations?

We cannot guarantee availability or fees for early check-in or late check-out. You will need to contact the hotel directly for pricing and availability. Majority of the hotels will charge a small fee to guarantee early check-in/late check-out.


What if I am arriving to the hotel late on my check-in date?

If you are arriving after 9:00pm on your check-in date, you must inform the hotel directly as your reservation may be cancelled. Room type cannot be guaranteed with a late check-in. 


Can I earn hotel reward points for my stay?

Yes, please provide your rewards number to the hotel upon arrival.

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